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Saving your money for a secure future and keeping your investments growing is something everyone wants. When it comes to investment a lot of us want to invest our money,where risk of loss is less; who wants to lose their hard earned money after all. A lot of people understand the risks attached with mutual funds, their profits are decided by the increase and decrease in market price. A lot of people make money in the long run because patience definitely bears some fruit. If you want to get assured returns then investing in segregated funds is essential.

What are segregated funds?

Investment in segregated funds can only be made through insurance companies. Just like mutual funds, segregated funds are also market based investments. These investments show growth in the market based investments along with the benefit of insurance. In this, money is pooled from different sources and is invested in the stocks, and bonds with the aim of increasing the price of the entire pool. But segregated funds are actually insurance contracts, they have several benefits that you may otherwise not enjoy in mutual funds.

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The segregated funds became popular over 20 years ago, the rate of interest was steeping at that time. The investors saw Segregated funds as a safe investment and they still continue to provide a secure alternative to mutual funds and similar investments that are subjected to market risks. Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy with segregated funds.

On maturity of the contract, segregated funds guarantee 75-100% returns on premiums. Along with this, you may enjoy other offers that are present from time to time.

Investment made in segregated funds is also protected against seizures. Now, god forbid, if you have to declare bankruptcy or face a lawsuit then these creditors have no right over this money. This makes a good investment for people in business to keep themselves saved from unexpected emergencies.

You can choose a nominee in these funds, if you meet an accident, death then the money gets transferred to your nominee. You can also choose if the nominee will get money in parts or as a lump sum.

Should you invest in segregated funds?

Everyone believes that they should have some guaranteed investment in their retirement. But at the same time Canadians are now living longer due to improved quality of life. Many of them are even underfunding their retirement. Whatever investment you feel like saving for your future, the amount will certainly be less because the value of money is decreasing with the passing years. 20 years ago, the value of $1000 was more than what it is today. Now more people are able to afford this amount. Ensuring that you do not lose on your investment is therefore important; participating in the market and moving along with it with assured returns will help you sleep better at night.

Should I buy Segregated loans?

If you want enough returns on investments to increase your savings - then yes!

If you want to invest in a broad range of investment options - then yes!

If you want to invest and at the same time do not want to bear losses because of a fluctuating market - then yes!

If you are looking for insurance benefits, alongside estate settlement and guaranty - then yes!

If you are looking to secure your life with guaranteed income- the yes!

Here are some other benefits that you will enjoy with segregated funds:

Competitive fees: Segregated funds were more expensive earlier than mutual funds but now you can find them at lower maturity and death benefit assurity. Also the management fees are at par with mutual funds.

Lock in market gains: You can get the option of changing the maturity guarantee with certain segregated funds . You can change the maturity options 5-7 times in a year and if your funds go up then you can enjoy a higher guarantee.

Guaranteed income options: if you are looking to invest to secure your retirement then segregated funds are the best way to do so. You will not only get an assured cover but with regular premiums distributed over a few years; you can choose to decide the maturity date as well. Earlier maturity dates will gather less returns whereas longer maturity rates will include more returns.

Invest today in segregated funds and enjoy tax free, stress free retirement! CCFD gets you the best quote for your investment plan in just one easy click.

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